The Company

UsHonouring our origins, we established our company in Messinia, a land notorious for the cultivation and production of the finest extra virgin olive oil since antiquity; and we named it after it 36° 21°.

Our production facilities are located opposite Oinousses Islands, a cluster of some small islands including the beautiful Sapienza, Schiza and Agia Marina, on 36 degrees north latitude and 21 degrees east longitude. This whole area has been included in the Natura 2000 program, a european network aiming to protect and conserve areas of outstanding natural beauty.

With the loyalty and dedication that characterizes every small producer, we offer you the extra virgin olive oil “3621”.

A non-filtered product of the “Koroneiki” variety with very low acid value, which is also known for its excellent flavor and its distinct aroma.

What’s left for you is just to enjoy!

Our Olive Oil

Quality Attributes
Acidity 0.4%
Peroxides (mEq) 20
Waxes (ppm) 250
k270 0.22
k232 2.50
Dk 2.50
Ultraviolet Absorption

Serving Suggestions Mix 36°21° virgin olive oil with vinegar or lemon and pour it over raw vegetables or greens for the simplest but most satisfying of salads.

Alternatively, add it to boiled or steamed vegetable salads and wild greens, drizzle it over boiled or baked potatoes, bell peppers, courgettes, cauliflower, broccoli or a variety of weeds and herbs such us blites, black nightshades or dandelions.

You can also use it as dressing for richer salads, with ingredients such as potatoes, bread, aubergines, garlic, parsley or fish roe pate. The olive oil will be absorbed, resulting in a smooth, velvety texture.

Add it to raw or grilled cheeses, together with a dash of oregano, summer savory or thyme.

To boiled meat or poultry.

To rusks, especially barley rusks, or toasted bread.

To marinades for fish or meat.

Serve it with bread, as a dip, mixed with aromatic herbs.